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The Difference between British and American Writing

Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

American and British writing are two varieties of English writing. Most British and American speakers are able to understand the two types of writing without much difficulty. However, there are some differences in vocabulary, spelling and grammar. With the help of English software, writers can tell the difference between these two types of writing.

British English speakers generally speak in Present Perfect Tense while American English speakers commonly use simple past tense though present perfect tense is alternatively used. With writing software, writers will know that possession articles are used differently in the American and British English. For instance, the use of ‘have’ and ‘have got’ to show possession differs. British writing requires you to use ‘have got’ while America English writing requires writers to use ‘have’ to show possession. With the aid of writing software, it is easy to master the way the possessive nouns are used.

Collective nouns are used differently between the two forms of writing but you can use writing software to draw the difference. In British writing, collective nouns can be followed by a plural or singular verb. However, in British writing, it is possible to use both singular and plural nouns. Vocabulary is a major difference between the two varieties of writing. With English software, it is easy to know the words that have different meanings in the two writing varieties.

The use of ‘will’ or ‘shall’ is another difference to note when writing using American or British English. With English software, it is easy to draw the difference. Shall is commonly used in British writing when referring to the first person but American writers rarely use shall. Another word that draws a difference between American and British writing is ‘need’. British writers can use either ‘don’t need to’ or ‘needn’t’ while American writers only use ‘don’t need to’.

In literature, the values, experiences, forms, styles and ideas are different. The time setting when a piece of work is written also draws a difference between American and English literature writing. The best method of ensuring that you are consistent in spellings is by using the word processor spell checker and selecting the variety of English to use. English software and writing software can also come in handy to enable you point out the differences because they have capability tools for choosing the variety of English to use. The largest difference between American and English writing is use of prepositions, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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